Village of Ellsworth


130 North Chestnut Street

Ellsworth, Wisconsin 54011

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Ellsworth Police

130 North Chestnut Street

Ellsworth, Wisconsin 54011

Phone: (715) 273-3275


History of Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Ellsworth has a population of 3295 and is located in the geographical center of Pierce County, with the intersection of four major highways, namely Highway 10, 63, 65 and 72 and is proud to be the County Seat for Pierce County, known as the hub of county activity with the presence of the county courthouse modeled after the Wisconsin State Capitol building. The former governor Anthony S. Earl proclaimed Ellsworth in 1984 the Cheese Curd Capitol of Wisconsin.

Ellsworth's first settler, Anthony Huddleston, was joined by C.B. Bruce, E.M. Bruce, Wilson Kinney and their families, with others following in 1857 building homes and setting up businesses and the town of Perry was set off, which was later renamed Ellsworth.

Ellsworth was platted as a village in 1862 and incorporated under the laws of Wisconsin in 1887. In 1885 the Omaha Railroad established a depot one mile east of Ellsworth and the community of East Ellsworth was formed. Ellsworth and East Ellsworth operated independently from one another for some time, now they function as one village.

Ellsworth was renamed after Civil War Colonel, Elmer E. Ellsworth; his likeness symbolizes the strength of our striving community.